Information about the Collection of Electronics

Ever since the year 1994 electronic products, means of production and other material from Finnish and foreign electronics industry have been collected and stored up in Salo Museum of Industrial and Cultural Heritage. The collection contains over 10 000 objects and approximately 25 000 volumes of literature and archive material of the field. The collection of electronics stores and displays international electronics industry, its history, development and effect on the lives of people, as well as connected phenomena from the Salo point of view. Equipment from the 1920’s to modern day, made by local electronics companies, form the central part of the collection.

The collection of objects contains for example crystal receivers, radio and television receivers, wired telephones, car radiophones, mobile phones, switchboards, monitors, VCRs, stereos, loudspeakers, wartime communication equipment, record players, tape recorders, satellite receivers and equipment, pagers, means of production: measuring instruments, components, radio tubes and the production line of a monitor. The oldest objects in the collection are wall and table telephone sets from the end of the 1800’s and the most recent ones are modern day mobile phones.

The archive material is versatile: service manuals, circuit diagrams, magazines of the field, literature, advertising material, video cassettes, slides, photographs, advertisement props, posters, brochures etc. Employees of the Salo electronics field have been interviewed and the recordings have been stored up in the collection. The making of these interviews still continues.

Some of the objects and materials in the collection have come as donations and some have been bought. The largest wholes are the Mellilä radio and telephone museum collection, bought in 1999 and the donations received between 1998-2001 from Nokia Display Products that operated in Salo. A private collector’s telephone collection and television collection have also been bought to add to the collections. Other donators include e.g. different units of Nokia, Benefon Oyj, Nordic ID, Satel Oy, Salcomp Oyj, ViewSonic, Salon Seudun Puhelin, Turku polytechnic, Turku university, Åbo Akademi, Western Finland police department, Teleste, domestic appliance merchants and radio and television service shops from Salo as well as numerous private donators.

Salo Museum of Industrial and Cultural Heritage's Collection of Electronics has not had a permanent exhibition space, but there have been temporary exhibitions from the end of the 1990’s on, in which the collection of objects has been on display. Some of the exhibits are also on display in Salo library and in the premises of Turku polytechnic’s Salo unit. The objects in the collection have also been lent to museum exhibitions all over Finland. The museum equipment has also been used e.g. in the making of the movie Hurriganes.

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