Mobira MD25 D16, 1981-84

In October 1981 the Nordic radiophone network NMT 450 (Nordisk Mobiltelefon) was brought into practice in Sweden. The network came to Finland in the spring of 1982. Mobira got their first process-controlled NMT 450 car phone models into the market already in April of 1981.

Mobira MD25 D10 was the first NMT 450 car / portable phone (12V) of Mobira, Salora’s and Nokia’s joint radiophone factory. The phone weighed approximately 10 kg and cost about 20 000 Fmk. By changing the phone model’s operating unit, Mobira Senator (Televa 801) turned into Mobira Combi (Televa Trafik) or Mobira Quattro (Televa Cargo). Mobira Quattro was especially designed for hard professional use, for example utility vehicles.

The phones had a separate operating unit (handset) and headphone, abbreviated dialling memory for 50 numbers, dialled number screening, redial function and electronic locking. With the use of a car kit the phone could be connected to a Hands Free unit. Because of these phone models Mobira became the market leader in the Nordic countries in 1983.

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