Salora SRP-22/25 CAP, 1971-73

In 1971 the postal and telegraph office created a general manual car telephone network and in 1978 network covered the whole country. ARP-phones used frequency in the150 MHz range, making the area of operation wide.

There was only one calling channel in Finland that was used in the beginning to send calls to all cars as voice calls. For phone calls you used the telephone call channel of the area in question. Phones had a separate, detachable operating unit and a radio unit and an antenna filter.

ARP phones were tricky to use, because you had to know what base station area you were on and set the response / telephone call channels accordingly. When making a phone call to another ARP phone it was useful to know, which transmission-centre area the other phone was on.

Later selective call device was used to announce an in-coming phone call. Phones were slow and used a lot of power. When changing location to another area the phone call would end. An ARP phone cost 4000 Fmk at the beginning of the 1970’s, which is similar to an average salary of 4-5 months.

Salora SRP-22/25 CAP car radiophone (SRP = Salora radiophone) was manufactured especially for the postal and telegraph office’s general road radio network The phone was also compatible for boat-use. It had 12 channels and it was manufactured for universal use with simplex-readiness, meaning that the users took turns talking and listening.

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