Salora tv 59/17, 1958-59

Salora manufactured their first own television set, TV 59/17, for seven months, from the beginning of September 1958 to the end of April 1959. Before this, during the year 1957 they had manufactured Salora 58/17, a television with Telefunken’s mechanism. Salora tv 59 was available in 17 or 21 inches. The television had 21 tubes and a separate, laminated protective glass in front of the picture tube.

The receiver was advertised in a local newspaper in a following way: “ Now is the time to start television time! Salora television with automatic tuning, a receiver yet to find its equal in the whole Europe”. Television transmissions reached approximately 60 places in Finland at that time.

Iso kuva
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 11.12.1958
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 16.12.1958
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 13.1.1959
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 15.1.1959
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 24.2.1959