Salora 1G5J, 1980-84

Televisions of the G-series were the first televisions that used Salora’s IPSALO (=Integrated Power Supply and Line Output) invention that reduced the energy consumption to the minimum, approximately 40 Watt. It was about 50% less than the average consumption of other comparable colour televisions.

Low energy consumption kept the television set cool and increased the dependability and durability of components. Energy was transmitted straight from the grid to deflection stages. The television was advertised in the following way: “New Low energy colour televisions. World record! Salora’s invention reduced the energy consumption of colour televisions to 38-40 Watt”.

The television model had High Focus Black Matrix picture tube that guaranteed bright colours and a sharp picture also in the corners of the screen. The G-series televisions were mains and accumulator operated. The receiver also had Salora’s first completely made out of plastic black/silver casing that was designed by Jorma Pitkonen.

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