Salora Sky 810, 1981

Salora’s own audio production came to an end in 1981. The company had already earlier used Asian subcontractors to make e.g. stereo combinations and portable radios. Stereo combinations, clock radios, tape and videocassette recorders and portable televisions were manufactured as OEM products under Salora brand name in e.g. Japan, China and Korea during the 1980’s.

Salora wanted to get new products into the market. Investing in the designing and manufacturing of these products was not something Salora wanted to do, because the Asian countries were able to manufacture the equipment notably cheaper than it would have been possible in Finland. Salora SKY 810 wide sound stereo tape recorder was manufactured in Taiwan, following Salora’s quality standards. It was battery and mains-powered and it had four loudspeakers.

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