Sissa A-3, 1928-34

Nordell & Koskinen manufactured their first own ‘radio receiver’, the battery-powered Sissi A-3 in the autumn of 1928. The receiver had three tubes and it had batteries in both ends of the radio casing. The mechanism of the receiver was made according to an English design. A separate loudspeaker that was often shaped like a horn was used to listen to the radio.

More than 200 receivers were sold during the first year. Sissi was very popular, because it was cheaper than the foreign models. The advertisements claimed that it is an unbeatable radio and it is cheap for a receiver of that quality (price: 2080 Fmk). Sissi A-3 was being sold until the year 1934. From 1929 on they also manufactured a slightly modified Sissi B-3 receiver.

In the first advertisement for Sissi A-3 by Nordell & Koskinen, published in Salon Seudun Kunnallislehti newspaper, October 19 1929, Sissi A-3’s appearance was different from the Sissi A-3 in the collection of electronics. Nordell & Koskinen also sold the Finnish Massey radio that looked just like the radio in the collection, so we can’t be absolutely certain if the radio is Sissi A-3 or perhaps the Massey. The receiver in the collection was a donation from Nokia Oy (from the former Salora Oy premises). In the history of the 50-year-old Salora the receiver was called Sissi A-3. Work is still being done in the collection of electronics to identify the radio.

Iso kuva
Iso kuva, torvikaiutin
SSK lehti-ilmoitus 26.9.1929 Massey
SSK lehti-ilmoitus 19.10.1929 Sissi A3
SSK lehti-ilmoitus 7.11.1929 Sissi B3
SSK lehti-ilmoitus 14.12.1929 Sissi A3