Nokia introduced their first pocket-sized mobile phones in 1992. They became a mass-market product and the new GSM network improved reception everywhere. Nokia made Finnish electronics know-how famous all over the world. By the end of the decade the company was the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer.

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Benefon iO, 1999-

Benefon iO’s appearance was designed at Creadesign Oy. The model was advertised as “the small phone of great distances. Have some space. Benefon iO”.

The phone had Benefon-developed world’s most advanced T9 text input text message writing system. It had excellent range and its radio unit and antenna were optimised to function in demanding circumstances.

Benefon iO phone had a large and straight-forward fully graphic screen, where six lines of text could be fitted. The symbol size in messages could be changed and among the options were Chinese and Cyrillic scripts. The phone came with a calendar, an alarm clock and a calculator. Benefon iO weighed 167 g with the standard battery. Talk time with the standard battery was about five hours and standby time almost 60 hours. Available additional gear was for example car- and portable HF-series and an antenna.

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