Nokia introduced their first pocket-sized mobile phones in 1992. They became a mass-market product and the new GSM network improved reception everywhere. Nokia made Finnish electronics know-how famous all over the world. By the end of the decade the company was the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer.

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Nokia 7110, 1998-99

Nokia 7110 was the first dual frequency phone GSM900 / 1800 that enabled choosing the best network and good connections.

It was a true media phone, the first WAP phone (Wireless Application Protocol) that brought Internet-based services to the mobile phone. This made it possible to for example take care of your bank business, send e-mail and keep up with the news from all over the world. Nokia’s brochure stated that with the help of Nokia 7100 you have “the world within your reach”.

The phone could also have two separate interfaces. It had Navi-Key that made typing faster. Furthermore, the phone had predictive text. Nokia 7110 weighed 171 g and had a colour-changing chameleon cover. The phone’s standby time was 55-260 hours with the standard battery. It had memory locations for 1000 names.

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