Nokia introduced their first pocket-sized mobile phones in 1992. They became a mass-market product and the new GSM network improved reception everywhere. Nokia made Finnish electronics know-how famous all over the world. By the end of the decade the company was the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer.

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Salora 36F8C, 1992-93

F-series televisions were the last Salo-made televisions. In the summer of 1992 the television manufacturing moved from Salo to Nokia’s consumer electronics factory in Turku.

The F-series television models had wide screen, so the aspect ratio was 16:9. The picture was extremely sharp, for the television’s mechanism was digital. The television had Black Planigon picture tube that enabled a high-quality picture also in daylight. The television had a fully digital picture and sound processing. All stereo models came with the digital NICAM stereo equipment and six loudspeakers.

The receiver also had picture-outside-picture function (POP) that made it possible to watch a program and at the same time keep an eye on three television or video channels in small pictures (1 moving and 2 freeze frames) on the right side of the screen. The television also had a normal picture-in-picture (PIP) function. The model came with 100 memory locations and 200 pre-tuned channels and text television with fast browsing-memory, instructional on-screen displays and channel name setting.

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