Salora stopped manufacturing traditional radio receivers in Salo in 1972 and concentrated on the production of stereos and stereo combinations after that. Salora's color televisions took over the European market in the beginning of the 1970's. At that time they exported approximately 70 % of their production. In addition to their normal product export they also exported know-how. The manufacturing of Salora televisions under licence began in Israel in 1970 and e.g. in Nigeria and Indonesia in the mid-seventies.

Salora constantly developed new technical solutions. In the 1970's they realized e.g. wireless remote control, touch tuning and instant on quick-break switch system. At the end of the decade they manufactured text televisions and microprocessor televisions. At that time the production of energy saving (Ipsalo) models started. Between the years 1970-77 the company manufactured seven basic color television models. Black and white televisions were still in production during the 1970's.

At the end of the year 1973 mining counselor Fjalar Nordell retired and Jouko Nordell became the new managing director. Hollming Oy became the main owner of Salora at the end of the 1970's.

In 1971 the postal and telegraph office created a general manual car telephone network ARP, which made the expansion of the radiophone market possible. The same year Salora introduced a 12-channel car radiophone into the market. Around 1975 Salora was the leader of the Finnish car telephone market with their 30% share. In 1975 Salora and Nokia signed an agreement of cooperation in which they agreed that Nokia would use its name to market Salora's car telephones and carrying racks. Salora on the other hand would take care of marketing Nokia's base stations and links. At the end of the 1970's Salora exported radiophones to the Nordic countries and e.g. England. Salora Oy and Nokia Oy combined their radiophone operations in 1979 and established the radiophone company Mobira Oy (= Mobile Radiotelephone). Salo became the location for the head office and factory.

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Salora Salorita 4, 1972

Salorita 4 was Salora’s last self-made transistorised portable radio. Salora manufactured Salorita table receivers already in the 1950’s and began using the name again for portable radios in 1966. Salorita 4 was a popular car/portable radio with grid connection and a rack. It also had connections for an additional loudspeaker / headphones and tape recorder / record player.

Salora had part of their portable radios and other audio products manufactured as so-called Oem products (Original equipment manufacturer) in the 1960-80’s. It means that another manufacturer made a product following Salora’s standards of quality, and it was sold under the Salora-brand.

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