Colours took over the television as disco music took over the dance floors. The remote control was a newcomer. At the beginning of the 1970's Salora exported 70% of their television sets. Salora's radio manufacturing came to an end in 1972 and after that the company concentrated on stereos. Car radiophones were also manufactured in the 1970's. At the end of the decade Nokia Oy and Salora Oy established Mobira Oy, a radiophone factory.

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Salora SRP 25 S/CAA & D/CAA, 1976-81

Salora car phone SRP 25S/CAA (simplex) and 25D/CAA (duplex) had 80 channels. The phone had automatic local channel search. It was also a portable multipurpose phone that could be detached from the vehicle and taken in a carrying bag to the summer cottage, boat, workplace etc. In that case the radio unit and the operating unit were unfastened from the car and connected together. The battery was charged using the car accumulator or a separate charger. The phone weighed 7 kg with the carrying bag. Salora SRP 25D/CAA was the first 80-channel car phone, approved for duplex use.

Salora’s radiophone department manufactured in addition to car phones also base stations, vehicle units and portable radiophones. The largest customers were state railways, the postal and telegraph office, Ministry of the Interior, general staff, Naval staff, fire brigades and civil defence offices. Salora’s market share of Finland’s car phone sales was over 40 % after the mid-1970s.

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