Colours took over the television as disco music took over the dance floors. The remote control was a newcomer. At the beginning of the 1970's Salora exported 70% of their television sets. Salora's radio manufacturing came to an end in 1972 and after that the company concentrated on stereos. Car radiophones were also manufactured in the 1970's. At the end of the decade Nokia Oy and Salora Oy established Mobira Oy, a radiophone factory.

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Salora 1F0A, 1979-80

Colour televisions of the F-series were Salora’s first televisions that had a microprocessor built inside the television receiver. This microprocessor or mini computer could be used to program different functions like channel search, program selection, sound system, quality of the picture, tuning and displaying the selected channel.

In addition to these, teletext and viewdata modules were available for F-series models 1F8 and 1F4. Teletext was text information that could be transmitted with television picture signal and it made possible for example to get a certain text for television programmes in different countries. Viewdata meant for example two-way communications with databank, using telephone lines. The television model also had readiness for two different colour systems: PAL and SECAM, which Salora’s television receivers had first got a couple of years earlier.

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Tuote-esite 1979-80