Colours took over the television as disco music took over the dance floors. The remote control was a newcomer. At the beginning of the 1970's Salora exported 70% of their television sets. Salora's radio manufacturing came to an end in 1972 and after that the company concentrated on stereos. Car radiophones were also manufactured in the 1970's. At the end of the decade Nokia Oy and Salora Oy established Mobira Oy, a radiophone factory.

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Salora Scanmatic, 1E4, 1978-79

Scanmatic 1E television models were Salora’s first colour televisions in which the actual mechanism was separated with a separating transformer from the supply voltage. The mechanism was “cold”, therefore user safety increased and it was safe to connect other equipment to the television (for example headphones, additional loudspeaker, recorder).

The television also had a Super Bright picture tube that meant a brighter and sharper picture. Thanks to the high-speed cathode ray tube the picture appeared in a few seconds and the sound came immediately. The television had automatic channel search and the new super sound parallel sound that meant a clean and interference-free sound system.

Salora also manufactured a special model of the 1E television: Salora Playmaster 1E0G, 1977-78. It had in-built television game equipment and wired joysticks. It came with five different colour television games: football, tennis, squash, pelota and football game: professional versus amateur.

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S-kanava 1978 Scanmatic 1E4
S-kanava 1978 Playmaster
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