Colours took over the television as disco music took over the dance floors. The remote control was a newcomer. At the beginning of the 1970's Salora exported 70% of their television sets. Salora's radio manufacturing came to an end in 1972 and after that the company concentrated on stereos. Car radiophones were also manufactured in the 1970's. At the end of the decade Nokia Oy and Salora Oy established Mobira Oy, a radiophone factory.

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Salora Vip-Ultra, 1A51, 1974-75

Salora Vip-Ultra, 1A51 colour television was the first Finnish television with wireless electronic remote control. The system was based on ultrasound. The actual remote control device had an ultrasound transmitter and the television had a receiver that registered the impulses. The disadvantage of the ultrasound-based remote control was that you could accidentally switch channels by for example clinking your keys.

The television had a 110° narrow-neck picture tube that showed the colour picture sharply and naturally (on the tube’s screen there were 500 000 pixels more than in a regular colour television’s picture tube). The television also had instant on quick-break switch system that removed mechanism-straining cold starts and prolonged the picture tube’s life.

Salora advertised the television: ”Vip-Ultra is the right colour television for our most demanding customers who want ultra modern technology and the most advanced user comfort”.

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