Television found its way to more and more Finnish homes. At the same time the glamour of the radio began to fade. The number of television programmes increased. Television shows Heikki ja Kaija and the Monkees were among the most popular programmes. Salora also started manufacturing stereos and VHF radiophones around 1965. Colour television sets made in Salo appeared on the market at the end of the decade.

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Salora Junior I, 1965/66-

Salora’s first fully transistorised television receiver was the black-and-white portable television Salora Junior I, in 1965. They made 1500 of them. The portable television was in production until the year 1972, by the name of Junior II.

Salora Junior II portable television won a gold medal at the inventors’ fair in Brussels in 1968. Junior had an 11-inch rectangular picture tube. It had both an antenna connection and a pull-out rod antenna. It was mains powered and it also functioned with a 12-V accumulator. Because of this, Junior was very handy at the summer cottage, in the boat and the caravan. The television’s plastic casing was measure-made for Junior’s mechanism and its front mask was fitted on the television’s picture tube at Salora’s television factory.

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