The 1950's were the golden age of radio. As the number of radio models increased, the design started to become more important. Ultra short wave radios, portable receivers and furniture-like cabinet radios were novelties in the market. Salora made its breakthrough at the beginning of the decade and started assembly line production. Television broadcasting started in 1956. That same year Salora made their first television samples.

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Salora Bambi, 1959

During the technological revolution of the 1950’s Salora introduced a new product, Bambi, their first transistor radio. Bambi was advertised in the following words: “A Salora novelty, Bambi portable radio with 8 transistors, light-beautiful-durable. Bambi is an entertaining, light travelling companion that goes where you go, almost unnoticed”. The portable radio was small, it only weighed 1,6 kg and it came in a variety of colours. It cost 25 000 Fmk.

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