During World War II Nordell & Koskinen was in operation only for short periods of time, but the production started again right after the war, despite the shortage of materials. The import of radio tubes and other parts was restricted and supervised by the state after the war until the end of the 1940's. Nordell & Koskinen, previously a partnership, changed into an incorporated company and became Salora Oy. Fjalar Nordell was the managing director and Olavi Laakso was the technical director. Laakso became a partner in 1936 when Lauri Koskinen became ill.

At the end of the decade Salora's radio sales increased rapidly and they had altogether more than ten radio models. In addition to the main and battery powered radios the company also made amplifiers and anode tension devices.

In 1943 Arvo Saarni established the firm Arsa in Salo. After the war they developed and put together telephone sets and switchboards out of the telephone material they got from the army surplus stocks. At the end of the 1940's Arsa stopped manufacturing telephones and began making meter cases.

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Salora 650-V, 1946

One of the first Salora receivers after the war was Salora 650-V (3+1 tubes). Manufacturing radios was difficult after the war, because there was a shortage of materials, radio tubes especially. In the Salora radio shop they used old radio tubes to make new radios. This is why new receivers could simultaneously have many different types of tubes. The mechanism platforms and transformer plates of the radios were made from sheet iron scrap.

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