The war stopped the production of radios, but despite the shortage of materials, production recovered right after the war. In 1945 there were already about 500 000 licences to listen in. Nordell & Koskinen changed its name into Salora Oy in 1945.

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Arsa switchboard, from the end of 1940´s

The electric outfitter’s and radio shop Arsa Oy was established in Salo in 1943. Arsa did not manufacture radios, but they sold devices, mostly by Finnish radio manufactures, until the late 1950’s. After the war they also developed and put together telephone sets and switchboards out of the material they got from the army surplus stocks.

Iso kuva
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 14.8.1943
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 9.9.1943