The war stopped the production of radios, but despite the shortage of materials, production recovered right after the war. In 1945 there were already about 500 000 licences to listen in. Nordell & Koskinen changed its name into Salora Oy in 1945.

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Vipro24, 1944

In the 1940’s the anode battery of the battery-powered radio was often replaced with an anode tension device in those countryside households that didn’t have electricity yet. It meant that they didn’t have to take used anode batteries to the radio shop to be charged. Vipro took its power from a 2-volt glow accumulator.

Vipro, type 24, was an anode tension device that Helsinki-based Viljo Ruusuvaara’s radio factory designed and manufactured for Nordell & Koskinen.

Iso kuva
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 13.7.1944
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 29.8.1944
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 19.1.1946
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 24.9.1946