The war stopped the production of radios, but despite the shortage of materials, production recovered right after the war. In 1945 there were already about 500 000 licences to listen in. Nordell & Koskinen changed its name into Salora Oy in 1945.

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Salora 850-V, 1947-48

Salora 850-V (3+1 tubes) radio model became the sales success of its time. According to an advertisement it was “a really magnificent receiver and the number one radio of the Salo fair”.

The radio had a flywheel, designed by Salora’s engineer Tenho Mettinen. Mettinen was one of the company’s first professional designers. At the same time the company was starting to have national significance, it was not a mere local manufacturer anymore.

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SSS lehti-ilmoitus 31.7.1947
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 18.11.1947