Radio sales rocketed when the countryside received electricity. However, only one of the radio workshops in Salo continued its operation after the depression in the late 1930's.

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Salora Super 7, 1938 - around 1945

Nordell & Koskinen’s first super receiver, Salora Super 7 (3+1 tubes) was introduced into the market right before the war in 1938. The sales of this model did not really begin until after the Continuation War in the 1940’s (before the war Nordell & Koskinen sold only four Super 7 receivers).

Super receivers displaced direct receivers during the 1940’s and as a result the interference between different radio receivers no longer existed.

Iso kuva
SSK lehti-ilmoitus 11.7.1942
SSS lehti-ilmoitus 8.5.1945
Nordell & Koskinen kirjekuori 1939