Radio sales rocketed when the countryside received electricity. However, only one of the radio workshops in Salo continued its operation after the depression in the late 1930's.

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Salora PK, 1937-38

Nordell & Koskinen (owned by Nordell & Laakso from 1936 on) manufactured the first Salora radio in 1937. (The word Salora means that the factory operated in Salo and they made radios.)

Salora PK was a battery-powered receiver with three tubes. They also manufactured a mains powered model, Salora VK. Salora PK’s source of power was a 2-volt accumulator and a 120-volt anode battery. The catalogue states, that “the receiver had accomplished an excellent tuning precision and great sensitivity. The radio was truly fine with a beautiful sound and it was the actual ruler in its price range”.

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SSK lehti-ilmoitus 14.10.1937
Käyttöohje 1937