Radio sales rocketed when the countryside received electricity. However, only one of the radio workshops in Salo continued its operation after the depression in the late 1930's.

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Pekka 300 VK, 1931-34

More and more of the countryside received electricity in Finland in the 1930’s and radio buyers wanted to have mains powered receivers. Despite the depression Nordell & Koskinen started to design their own mains powered radio in the beginning of the year 1930.

Their first mains powered receiver was completed in the autumn of 1931. It was available both with an external loudspeaker (N&K 10 and Pekka 300 V) and with a built-in loudspeaker (N&K 20 and Pekka 300 VK). The vertical Pekka 300 VK cost 2400 Fmk. An advertisement claimed that “the radio has a pleasant appearance and great volume and you can listen to dozens of foreign stations with full loudspeaker volume”.

Iso kuva
SSK lehti-ilmoitus 24.3.1932
SSK lehti-ilmoitus 1.10.1932