The Finnish broadcasting corporation began transmissions in Finland after 1925. Several small radio workshops of one or two workers sprang up in Salo at that time. They also sold devices by other radio manufacturers at the workshops. Among these small local radio-manufacturing businesses were Teknokemiallinen tehdas Vanamo, E & J Leino Oy, Järvinen & Valli, Salon Tukkukauppa, Polkupyöräliike Onni Hakala, Reilin and Kaarlo Paijola.

April 28 in 1928, leather salesman Fjalar Nordell and taxi driver Sulo Koskinen established Nordell & Koskinen in Salo, for the purpose of selling cars and machines. From the beginning they also sold radios and radio equipment. Already in the autumn of 1928 they finished selling cars and concentrated on manufacturing and selling their own receivers, crystal receivers and battery powered tube radios. In the early days Fjalar Nordell himself drove around Salo and the surrounding provinces in his Chevrolet convertible, selling radios.

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Nordell & Koskinen’s crystal receiver, 1928

The crystal receiver, manufactured in 1928, was the Salo-based Nordell & Koskinen’s first own product. It was only manufactured for a short period of time in the summer and autumn of 1928. According to one of the owners, Fjalar Nordell, crystal receivers were already old news at the end of the 1920’s. They assembled crystal receivers and sold cars as well.

On the front mask of the crystal receiver there was a glass tube -covered crystal that needed to be tuned to be able to listen to transmissions. Headphones were needed to listen to the crystal receiver.

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