Nokia introduced their first pocket-sized mobile phones in 1992. They became a mass-market product and the new GSM network improved reception everywhere. Nokia made Finnish electronics know-how famous all over the world. By the end of the decade the company was the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer.

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Benefon Beta, 1994

“Even the shape says: pioneer. You can feel that shape yourself”, it said on an advertisement for Benefon Beta. The appearance of the phone was designed by Hannu Kähönen of Creadesign. The same agency designed most of the appearances of Benefon’s mobiles.

According to an advertisement Benefon Beta was meant for a demanding user. That is why new generation technology was developed for it. Ergonomic design was important in this phone as well. The keypad was designed so that it could easily be used with one hand. The screen was large and straightforward. At that time it was the only phone in the world, in which the menu could be tailored the way the customer wanted.

It was stylish, small, light (285g) NMT900 mobile phone. Its standby time was about four days and talk time about 2,5 hours. It had 99 memory locations and it was also available with a car kit. Beta was durable with excellent range.

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