Nokia introduced their first pocket-sized mobile phones in 1992. They became a mass-market product and the new GSM network improved reception everywhere. Nokia made Finnish electronics know-how famous all over the world. By the end of the decade the company was the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer.

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Nokia 2110 / Mobira Cityman 5000,

Nokia 2110 mobile phone model was the first Nokia phone made for mass production that was manufactured using the same technology for all sales regions, all digital mobile phone networks (GSM, TDMA, PCN, Japan Digital). The worldwide sales of the Nokia mobile phones, as well as conquering the world market began with this phone model.

With Nokia 2100-series phones the company also launched Nokia Tune, Nokia’s ring tone, a melody from “Grand Valse” by the Spanish Francisco Tarrega.

The phone had a large, informative screen and an easy-to-use keypad and user interface. Nokia 2110 mobile phone was, according to a brochure, “pleasant to carry” and “a GSM phone for any pocket”. The phone could also be used as a car phone, to which a rack, microphone and loudspeaker and car charger, separate headphone and a Hands-Free unit were available.

The phone could be used to send and receive data and to contact e-mail and the Internet. Nokia 2110 also had Short Message Service (maximum size of the message: 160 characters). The phone came with eight different ring tones, vibration and memory of 125 numbers and names. Nokia 2110 weighed 236g with the standard battery. It cost 5250 Fmk.

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