The Nordic radiophone network NMT 450 was brought into practice in Finland in 1982. Around 1985 radiophones became notably lighter and easier to carry. They were popular especially with businessmen. The first hand-held phones were manufactured at the end of the decade. The television market saw stereo televisions and energy saving models from Salora.

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Mobira Talkman MD50NA, 1984-86

Mobira Talkman NMT 450 was the first actual portable car phone, the weight of which was only about 5 kg (the radio unit, operating unit (handset) and accumulator all together). Jorma Pitkonen designed the phone’s appearance. This phone could flexibly be moved around and it could easily be disconnected from its rack in the vehicle.

Talkman became a successful product in the Nordic countries because of its technical qualities, original design and good usability. Mobira advertised their phone model in the following way: “With the new Talkman you don’t have to talk in the car. You can take your phone wherever you go. Thanks to its small size it even fits in the briefcase.”

The phone had last dialled number memory, illuminated keypad, one-hand dialling and with a car fixing set it could be connected to a Hands-Free unit. It had 10-number liquid crystal display and memory locations for 51 phone numbers. Power output display and measuring the duration of the phone call were also new things. As was the fact that the telephone line sound automatically grew faint when the receiver was picked up before dialling. In car use the phone took its power from the car’s 12 V electrical system and its own accumulator charged at the same time. The using time for the phone was about 8 hours.

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